An enabler of green transition in the retail-industry

The retail industry is in flux. Brands and retailers are strained by low margins and a lack of data. The data-sharing between brands and retailers are close to non-existence and overproduction is a result of this and ruining our planet.

Impulso solves the non-existing real-time data sharing between brands and independent retail, both physical and digital. We do it by creating a data rail that do not exist today.

By gaining control over already produced products in-season and in real time, we contribute to a reduced business risk, increased sales, minimized overproduction and a win-win-win situation.


Combining tech and fashion expertise

Impulso is founded by a group of tech, retail, and fashion industry experts based in Scandinavia. Our unique combination of knowledge from all areas of the fashion and retail industry gives us extraordinary insights when designing our platform.

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Viktoria Lindkvist
Founder, CEO 
Mathias Olsteg
Founder & CCO
Tomas A. Kosstad
Sales Director
Jakob Vahl-Zeuthen
Sales Manager
Arek Rutensparr
Konrad Olsson
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