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Impulso is a cutting-edge digital solution for brands and retailers, that aims to increase sales and minimize overproduction.

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A breakthrough way of connecting the industry

We offer a software-as-a-service that helps suppliers with payment solutions and real-time inventory management. Our system creates a constant feedback loop of impulses between brands and retailers, in ways that have never before been possible for the independent retail market.

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Real-time inventory

As a supplier, you can always see how your products are performing at any given retailer, at any given time. This allows you to quickly distribute new products that are in high demand, or re-distribute products from one retailer to another. Maximising sales.

Automated payment

We enable and secure the transaction between suppliers and retailers, reducing risk and increasing sales. Our automated financial system is verified by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and handles both invoicing and consignment.

Retail academy

(Coming 2023) Our system will include a Retail Academy, an intuitive and powerful tool to educate retail staff on how to engage with the customer and increase sales.

Automated accounting

(Coming 2023) The accounting reports will become automated through a a seamless integration between your financial system and Impulso. All you have to do is monitor your business through our indispensable dashboard.

Brand marketing tool

(Coming 2023) We will provide a new type of marketing platform for the retail ecosystem. Brands will be able to communicate directly with the staff on the shop floor, providing seasonal updates, collection material, inspirational videos, and other marketing tools — in real-time.


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