Retail Tech Talks: Fredrik Larsen

Editorial team
3 march, 2023

We return with part two of the Retail Tech Talks that we held at CIFF a few weeks ago. This time we share a live interview with Frederik Larsen (PhD), co-founder of In futurum, a Copenhagen-based consultancy.

Together with partner Scandinavian MIND we held several live panel talks at the Lifestyle Stage at this year’s version of CIFF, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, earlier in February. This fireside chat is called A new policy for fashion – how branding and production will be shaped by the ecological crisis. Have a listen to the podcast above, or at your preferred podcast platform. Learn more about special guest Frederik Larsen Below.

Frederik Larsen (PhD), is the co-founder of In futurum, a Copenhagen-based consultancy. In futurum advises leading Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle brands on sustainability and social justice, and creates strategies rooted in a research-based approach and a deep understanding of strategic business processes and communication. Frederik has published original research on sustainability, fashion and culture, and engages in public speaking on sustainability, social justice, culture and new business approaches.

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