Thomas Kosstad on how to bridge the communication divide between brands and retailers

Editorial team
17 november, 2022

We took a visit to Oslo to meet up with Thomas Kosstad, founder of Teko Trading, to learn more about exchanging knowledge and insights between brands and retailers.

Teko Trading work with brands like Jacob Cohen, Lardini, Paul & Shark, MooRER, and Varsity Headwear. Teko Trading has more than two decades of experience and runs a showroom in central Oslo, and covers the whole Scandinavian market with approximately 150 doors in the high‑end and medium high‑end market.

— It is important that we communicate all the stories behind every brand. You want to teach the sales staff at all the stores to be able to tell the story to their consumers too, Kosstad explains.

Erik Sedin and Megha Prakash are part of the Impulso editorial team.

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