Impulso Privacy Policy

At Impulso, we care about your privacy. We therefore collect and process personal information responsibly and with your consideration in mind privacy. This Privacy Notice describes how Impulso Retail Sweden AB ("Impulso") collects and uses your personal data if you use any of Impulsos services (the "Service" or collectively, the "Services") and become a customer. This Privacy Notice describes your rights regarding the processing of personal data and how to exercise these rights.

It is important that, before starting to use any of our Services, you read the content of thisPrivacy Notice.

Some of our Services will provide you with access to content and functionality offered by other companies or organizations other than Impulso ("Third Party Services"). This happens, for example, when you link to third party sites from our websites, when you access third party sites while using the web browser in the Impulso Platform or in Impulso App. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the collection and use of the user's personal data in third party services, and Impulso is not responsible for the processing of your personal data by such third parties.

"We", "our" or any other reference "to us" means Impulso Retail Sweden AB AB registered in the Swedish Commercial Register under number 559271-2458, with head office at Älvtomtagatan 12, 703 42 Örebro (Sweden). For the purposes of the European law on the protection of personal data, we act as trustee of the processing of personal data received from users, or otherwise concerning users and collected by us and we are responsible for the use of user data in accordance with applicable laws regarding data protection.

Why did we collect data?

Impulso collects information about you as a customer to be able to handle your order, create the business relationship, collect expressions of interest, marketing, for statistical purposes, to be able to invoice you and to identify your organization.

What data do we use?

The personal data that is processed varies depending on the type of company you have.Customer and company information can be personal information for a customer and business partner who is an individual company

The personal data you provide

You can provide us with information about you when you:

• Visit our website
• Order the Service and become a customer of Impulso
• Receive login information and become a user of the Service
• Registered as a contact person with Impulso for your organization
• Contact us or send in an expression of interest
• Visit our website and accept cookies

Personal user data collected by Impulso

Depending on the Service you choose to use, Impulso may collect the following information about you, either directly or through third parties (such as credit rating or fraud prevention agencies, agencies, and databases of public consultation):


When you order the Service, we collect contact information about you as a contact person and company information about you who become a customer. If you are a customer with us today, we have contact information about you. These are the company information you provide to us when ordering and which we have collected by having coordinated with an external register to obtain information about, among other things, industry (SNI code and SNI group), turnover and the number of employees. We may also add more information about you as a customer in ourCRM system, for example information such as payment history, invoicing information, VAT number, if there is a connection to suppliers in the system and if so which ones, etc. We also analyze the content of the system, such as information in invoices, receipts, inventory, payment flow.


All users have user information and online identifications with us in order to use the Service.When you use the Service, we collect information about your behavioral pattern, ie what you do and how you use the Service. Examples of information that we collect are how you click around between different pages and functions in the program, how you use the functions, what times you log in and out and how long you are logged in, from which device you log in, your answers when you leave feedback in the Service etc.

Business partner and contact person

If you have entered into an agreement with us and you have done so as a sole proprietorship, we process information about you as a business partner. If you have entered into an agreement with us as a representative of someone else, we also process contact information about you as a contact person.

Contact forms

If you have a question, contact us regarding any other matter or send in an expression of interest, the amount of personal information and what it is can vary depending on which communication channel is used. Categories of personal information are usually contact information, online identifications and company information. The case or notification itself may contain personalinformation that you have chosen to share with us.


If you receive a newsletter or information sent to you, we process your contact information and information about your organization, such as industry and company name. A detailed list of which personal data occurs in the different categories, on what occasions and on what legal basis the processing is based, is listed in the table below.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies to offer a pleasant and personalized experience in our interfaces online, as on our website and Impulso app, The user can find information regarding the tracking methods used by Impulso and accept or reject the tracking technologies in the related interface.

Disclosure of User Information

We may need to share users' personal data with the categories of recipients listed below for the purposes listed below. The recipients and the purposes for which the data are communicated depend on the Services used by the user. When we share your personal data, we take all reasonable contractual, legal, technical, and organizational measures to ensure that the user's personal data are treated with an adequate level of protection and in compliance with applicable law.

User rights with respect to their personal data

Right of access to information. The user has the right to obtain information on how their data is processed. We fulfill this obligation with this Privacy Policy, through the information available on the website and with our responses to requests sent to us by the user.

Right of access to data. The user can request a copy of their data if they want to know what data concerning them is. We can provide a copy of these data in electronic format (ie"data portability").
Right of rectification. The user has the right to obtain the correction of inaccurate or incomplete data concerning him.
Right to cancellation (to be forgotten). The user has the right to request the deletion of their personal data, for example when they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or when consent has been revoked. As specified in paragraphs 3 and 9 above, Klarna must nevertheless comply with some legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting some of the user's personal data.
Right to limit data processing or to object to data processing. If the user believes that the data is incorrect or that it is being processed illegally, these has the right to ask us to stop processing. The user can also oppose the treatment when he believes that there are circumstances that would make this treatment unlawful. Furthermore, the user can always oppose our use of his data for direct marketing.
Right to challenge an automated decision. The user has the right to contest an automated decision made by Impulso. See Section 6 for more information on how Impulso uses automated decisions.
Right to withdraw consent. As required by Section 5, in cases where Impulso processes the related data on the basis of your consent (explicit or not), the user can withdraw his consent at any time.
Rights to apply the instructions post-mortem. The user has the right to give (or designate the person authorized to do so) instructions on the retention, deletion and communication of personal data after death.
Right to lodge a complaint. The user has the right to lodge a complaint with a NationalSupervisory Authority or the Swedish Data Protection Authority. The complaint to theSwedish authority can be forwarded through the site

Update of the Privacy Policy

We are constantly working to improve our offer of Services, in order to provide the user with an increasingly pleasant experience. This includes both changes to existing Services and the offering of new Services over time. For this reason, it is important to read this Privacy Policy every time you use a Klarna Service, as the processing of the user's personal data may be different from the last time the Services were used.

How to contact us

Impulso Retail Sweden AB (publ) is a company registered in the Swedish Commercial Register under number 559271-2458. Impulsos head office is at Älvtomtagatan 12, 703 42 Örebro (Sweden). Impulso has a data protection officer and a team of data protection specialists exclusively dedicated to data protection and privacy. Impulso also has a dedicated team of customer support specialists for data protection matters. Further information can be requested by writing to