New retail-tech startup Impulso aims to reduce the fashion industry’s overproduction of garments

Editorial team
9 august, 2022

One of the fashion industry’s biggest problems is overproduction and a lack of sell-through in stores. Swedish tech-startup Impulso wants to solve this by innovating the relationship between lifestyle brands and the independent stores that sell them.

The fashion and lifestyle industries are facing many problems. One of them is the enormous overproduction of products, in order to fill stores and meet the consumer's need for convenience, quick deliveries, and lower prices. 

”The fast-spinning wheels of retail have put a strain on brands, retailers, real estate owners, and above all, the environment”, says Viktoria Lindqvist, CEO, and Founder of Impulso.

“We want to provide a solution where lifestyle brands can dramatically reduce their overproduction of products.”

Impulso is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution that, among other things, helps brands monitor how their products perform in individual stores. A seemingly simple tool that has previously not been available for independent brands and stores. The service is launched to the market on 10 August 2022.

”As a brand, you can always see how your products are performing at any given retailer, at any given time. This allows you to quickly distribute new products in high demand, or re-distribute products from one retailer to another. This dramatically increases the sell-through and minimises the risk of garments being left unsold on the shelf.”

Impulso was founded by a group of tech, retail, and fashion industry operatives based in Sweden. Among them is Mathias Olsteg, who has 30 years' experience of working with global brands, both on the retail floor as well as with buying and manufacturing. 

“Impulso is enabling the transfer of data and communication between brands and retailers. This is something the industry desperately needs”, says Mathias Olsteg, co-founder.

Konrad Olsson, a magazine editor and a long-time fashion industry operative, will join as senior advisor for brand and communication. A role he will keep while still running Scandinavian MIND, a magazine and communications agency. 

“I’m fascinated by the role technology can have when creating sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Impulso will not solve every aspect of sustainability, but it will become an important piece of the puzzle”, says Konrad Olsson.

Impulso also offers payment solutions for brands, retailers, and retail owners. The system enables and secures the transaction between suppliers and retailers, and is verified by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Our vision is to create a new circular ecosystem, benefiting all stakeholders in the supply chain”, says Viktoria Lindqvist, CEO and co-founder. ”In order to achieve this goal, we need better connections, more transparency, and more communication.”

Photo: Mathias Olsteg, Viktoria Lindqvist, Konrad Olsson

Erik Sedin and Megha Prakash are part of the Impulso editorial team.

Impulso is a software-as-a-service that helps suppliers with payment solutions and real-time inventory management.

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The Impulso platform offers real time data sharing between brands and retailers.

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