Retail Tech Talks: How new technologies can help fashion retail

Editorial team
24 february, 2023

The Retail Tech Talks that we held at CIFF a few weeks ago are now available as a podcast! We are going to listen to not one, but two, panel talks featuring a group of the leading fashion, retail, and tech experts in our network.

Together with partner Scandinavian MIND we held several live panel talks at the Lifestyle Stage at this year’s version of CIFF, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, earlier in February. Have a listen to the podcast above, or at your preferred podcast platform, and read more about the people featured below.

First, we will hear from our founder and CEO Viktoria Lindqvist who will give a brief introduction to our SaaS that aims to create a new circular ecosystem, benefiting all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Then we dive into the first panel talk called How new technologies can help solve fashion retail with Jens Hamborg, CEO and founder, VOCAST and Rasmus Stærk Just, Corporate Manager of Environment and Social Compliance, DK Company.

Jens Hamborg Koefoed is a Danish journalist and co-founder of the Brand Sharing Platform VOCAST. VOCAST serves the purpose to support fashion, design and lifestyle clients in sharing their stories with the world in the midst of a fragmented and saturated digital landscape. His current focus is finding great people for VOCAST’s growing team and opening new markets.

Rasmus is the Corporate Manager of Environment and Social Compliance at Danish fashion supplier DK Company. DK Company is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fashion and lifestyle brands. His past experience as corporate social responsibility coordinator at JBS textile has also equipped him with experience in textile innovation. 

The second panel talk, How to bridge the divide between brands and retailers, features Vanessa Leporati, Chairwoman, Trade Partners Sweden/Stockholm Fashion District and Thomas Kosstad, Founder, Teko Trading.

Vanessa Leporate is a lecturer, coach, and moderator with over 30 years of experience in sales, customer service, leadership and collaboration. She is also the chairwoman of the board of Trade Partners Sweden and Stockholm Fashion District.

Thomas Kosstad is the founder of fashion distributor Teko Trading. Teko Trading has more than two decades of experience and runs a showroom in central Oslo, and covers the whole Scandinavian market with approximately 150 doors in the high-end and medium high-end market. Teko Trading works with brands like Jacob Cohen, Lardini, Paul & Shark, MooRER, and Varsity Headwear.

Erik Sedin and Megha Prakash are part of the Impulso editorial team.

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